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 A Recruiting/Job training Program serving the Triad

Your Success is Our Success!
Greensboro Recruiting & Job Referral Program

This program was developed with you in mind, both as a candidate and as an employer. What distinguishes this organization is that it was founded by a woman with a combined 20 years of direct expertise in workforce development, direct service provider, and advocate for our most marginalized communities. Offering incentive choices to assist employers in hiring and retaining competent workers, as well as partnering employers with potential applicants who face major barriers to employment.

Over 250,000 individuals are unemployed in Guilford County alone. Your workforce is dependent on people returning to work and creating job opportunities, as well as removing barriers for applicants and offering compensation incentives to firms. In addition, we fulfill this function by providing readiness training, identifying applicants who are ready, able, and willing to work, and aiding prospects with childcare and transportation. Our concierge approach to solution-driven results comprises aiding firms by offering dependable and qualified talent, as well as assisting applicants in effectively transitioning back to work.

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Your Success Is Our Success!

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