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Kameo — Public Speaker & Mentor in the Triad


Kameo is a dynamic public speaker and mentor in Greensboro who has worked with human service and community relations executives and teams for many years. The ability to communicate her conviction about the critical necessity of compassion for people, connection to culture, and knowledge of oneself and others as a tool for organizational success has fueled her passion.

The ideas she shares through her keynote lectures, facilitation, workshops, support groups, and conferences in Greensboro and beyond are inspirational and actionable for a wide range of audiences. With over 20 years of leadership experience, her presentations are both insightful and engaging. Her experience in mentoring and coaching means that audiences can apply her insights and knowledge to their own unique situation.

Living with Chronic Illness

In 2011, when pregnant with her second child, she was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE). Being familiar with the sickness, she focused on what she could control: her faith, her life, and preparing for the shock of the news. So she became a speaker at support groups and conferences in and around Greensboro. While empathetic to everyone's tragedy, she felt obligated to relate to hers, including her kid's loss. Kameo is committed to living in her truth, which may differ from others but does not require validation. Kameo is a leading public speaker and mentor in Greensboro, and her passion and dedication to her work go above and beyond!

Grief -The Ugly Truth 

​Life's only certainty is death. We all deal with grief differently, but we must all go through the five stages (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). Accepting the process by dealing with it directly; allowing every feeling to have its expiration date. Mourning encompasses the loss of life, goals, relationships, careers, and most significantly, one's self. One I recently discussed with a close friend. We are frequently disappointed and grieving the person's or situation's thoughts, desires, and aspirations when we are in conflict.

“I sat with my anger long enough until she told me her real name was grief.”  ~ C.S. Lewis"

Greensboro Public Mentor Kameo
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