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We are strategic experts serving Greensboro and the triad with workforce development and community relations. We transform businesses and the communities in which they operate while ensuring their long-term viability.

Greensboro Workforce Development

Rethink Workforce Development Solutions.

Not only should transformative programming inspire or facilitate, but it should also yield tangible outcomes that benefit both the entities and the community. Success can be character-driven and financially sustainable, while also uplifting communities. Contact us today to learn more about our workforce development and community relations training in the Greensboro and triad area. 


"An excellent communicator, extremely organized, reliable.   Kameo consistently demonstrates excellent personal character and integrity, a genuine sensitivity to the needs of others, and the ability to rise to any challenge or obligation that she undertakes."

Executive Director

"Undiluted transparency". "That's the Kameo experience! She has this way of sharing her personal truth that makes you confident in facing your own. She's consistent in her walk and confident in her skin."

- D.Butler,

" Kameo developed remarkable and unique workforce development techniques for a variety of Workforce Development initiatives. Her ability to bring cadence, candor, and high-level service to the table is unmatched. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you in the future."

- T.Shore,
Workforce Operations Manager

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